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There is essentially only one primary choice to be made about life, from which all other choices ultimately derive: whether to impose one’s own terms on life, or to accept the terms life imposes on you. It is impossible to impose one’s terms on life without some comprehension of finance. If one were to compare all economic activity as the body, finance is the circulatory system which carries life-sustaining blood to every cell of the body. When the circulation stops, life stops. A person ignorant of finance is very much like the person who abuses their body, and then seeks medical miracles when it breaks down and they go to the Emergency Room.

The governments of the world today are in the Emergency Room. So are the millions of baby boomers who thought their 401k was going to take care of their retirement. So is every man, woman, and child in America who is now saddled with tomorrow’s debt.

This blog is for people, like myself, who are driven by an intense desire to become more financially literate. The word “finance” itself comes from the French word “fin” which means “the end” or “to end something”. When people pay a bill, they put an end to a matter. Originally the word finance also meant to pay a ransom, which meant an end to captivity. Those today that choose to remain financially ignorant are destined to pay a Kings ransom for what they don’t know. They have in effect, chosen to remain in financial captivity to those who are making their choices for them.

John Bechtel is a passionate advocate of financial literacy, independent (contrarian) thinking, and the sovereignty of the individual.  His mantra for successful living can best be discribed as a ruthless commitment to reality, to facing, and harnessing, what IS.