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John Bechtel- Entrepreneur and Financial Literacy Advocate

John Bechtel- Entrepreneur and Financial Literacy Advocate

This blog is for people, like myself, who are driven by an intense desire to be financially literate.  In this Information Age in which we live, products and seductive promises come at us at warp speed.  Not only is education essential, it has to be education based on a philosophy and principles firmly connected to reality, to what IS.  All of us need to realize that no one is coming to save us, and our survival depends on our being willing and ready to be responsible for ourselves.  Regardless of what ideological temple we choose to worship in, none of us can afford to check our critical thinking at the door.  No matter what any government, political party, sales rep, friend, shaman or crackpot tells us, each of us personally pays the price for our choices.

In case you haven’t noticed, the paradox of poverty is that it is very expensive to be poor.  The poor pay more for everything, both in higher prices and missed opportunities.  Those that choose to remain financially ignorant today are destined to pay a King’s ransom for what they failed to learn.  If you are not personally alarmed at the decisions currently being made in your name, or supposedly for your benefit, then you need to become better informed.  Because one way or another you are going to pay.  And pay.  And pay.

Clearly the stewards of our nation’s economic destiny are hellbent on shipwreck. It is our commitment to be a beacon in this economic storm for those individuals that are dedicated to steering their own course.

John Bechtel, an entrepreneur since 1977, has employed over 5,000 people and is a passionate advocate for self empowerment and freedom.